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Amsterdam is home to over 800 thousand people and is filled with many different people and cultures. In addition to this, Amsterdam has around 100 kilometers of canals making it extremly popular for boat tours and other forms of water activities. The water gets filled with people on Kings Day (27th of April), when we celebrate the King's birthday by wear orange. Even though the weather is normally good, rainfall can be expected throughout the whole year and so be prepared! 

Public transport

10 mins walk

15 mins walk


Metro 52 (Noord - Zuid)


Intercity & Sprinter train

Metro 51 (Isolatorweg - Central Station)

Metro 53 (Station Diemen-Zuid - Central Station)

Metro 54 (Gein - Central Station)


Bus 65 (KNSM Laan – Station Zuid)

Bus 62 (Station Lelylaan – Station Amstel)

Tram 4 (Station RAI – Central Station)

1 min walk


RAI Congress Center

Supermarket (Dirk)


10 mins walk

4 mins walk

within 2 mins walk

OUR TIP! Have dinner at:


By Car



5 mins drive

5 mins drive

Paid parking on street Monday – Saturday (09.00-21.00 / EUR 4,50 per hour)

 P + R RAI   

Biking in Amsterdam

Things to remember:

1. Almost every where in The Netherlands there are marked bike paths, either on the road or individual paths next to the pavement (normally red paths). 

2. Stick to the right-side of the bike path.

3. Make sure to have working lights on your bike for the night.

4. Don't use your phone while biking!

Biking is the best way to get around in Amsterdam as the roads are pretty flat and the city isn't too large. There are many different bike storage locations throughout the city. With this in mind, there are a variety of different oppertunities to rent a bike in the city and we are more than welcome to help you find something.

Amsterdam Hot



- Rembrant museum

- Van Gogh museum

- Stedelijk musuem

- Moco museum


- Resturants/Bars

- Shopping

20 mins by tram 12* 

 15 mins bike

10 mins by tram 4 

 15 mins bike


- Resturants/Bars

- Shops

- International Theater Amsterdam

- Vondelpark (5 mins)

20 mins by tram 12* 

 12 mins bike

*Tram 12 can be found on the Churchillaan (5 min walk)

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